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Alergias Alimentarias - Restaurante Pizzeria Giulio

Adaptación a la normativa europea obligatoria RE 1169/2011 en materia de Alergias Alimentarias.

The European Union has drawn up a list of 14 allergens to be identified when used as ingredients in a bowl or food. This means that since December 13, 2014 all food businesses are required to provide information on allergenic ingredients used in food sold or supplied by it. These requirements also apply to establishments that sell bulk foods, such as supermarkets, restaurants, stores that sell food to go, etc. In the restaurant PIZZERIA GIULIO As food business that serves food BULK AND PACKAGED FOR CARRYING provide information on all our products that contain an ingredient, OR FRUIT OF CROSS COMTAMINACIONES any of 14 allergens.

Icons and symbols used to identify the 14 main products that affect food allergies: